What is Tres Nagual?

We are an expression of wholeness.
a wakening seed,
a drop of water,
a spark of fire,
a gentle wind -
with all of life.
We have an ever-changing form.
offering -
diversely alchemised treasures
for skin + spirit.
Each product a contemplative action,
to nurture. to guide. to restore.
Awakening remembrance


Why do we create?

We celebrate life by creating new worlds of meaning and possibility.
Our intention is to nurture pathways of wholeness, balance & regeneration.
We believe holistic skincare is a medium to incorporates ancient wisdom in contemporary ways. We believe in moving consciously with the seasons, cycles and circadian rhythms which occur throughout all of existence. It is our honour/duty to live in harmony with the natural world and restore balance. We believe alchemical processes should be affordable, accessible and transferable.
We are driven by a yearning to express our creativity and love in new ways. We allow life to be expressed through us. Since self-care is the new going out, we wanna party with you!


How do we operate?

We listen to the song of life.
From deep within our inner-worlds -
nature speaks,
dreams emerge,
a subtle whisper
of intuition
guiding us
through cycles of creation.
We expand
giving fully
into life.
As a new quality of awareness
pours over our hands,
we trust
the transformation.
We live into our truth + respect
the truth of others.
Honouring all our relations.


What is our Vision?

A world where children are taught the wisdom of living system.



What is the story behind our name?

"Très" means "very" in french.
The word "Nagual" [pronounced nah-gwahl, -wahl ] comes from a lineage of ancient wisdom which moved through the first peoples of North & South America. From this cosmology, an inner diamond was drawn, which illustrates the different worlds we inhabit. The world of material objects (tonal) and the non-material world (nagual).
"Nagual" points to an understanding that all things arise from the mystery. A meta-physical realm. The unseen.
Since Florian was born in Morocco, french words stuck to him like a love-song. David was in training with this lineage of teachings, and we wanted to move with a name which honours the feminine which all things arise from. Hence, "very unseen" or "very mysterious" would be a loose translation.