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natural perfumery

looking closer …

You and me, 
the moss and the trees,
the mountains and the seas,
the buds and the bees -
all interconnected by a grand web 
of communication and consciousness
that links all of life. 

Everything echoes this one truth:
the sweetness of being is 
in the details.
Look closer.
Tune in.
Pay attention to the sensations 
of existence on your skin - 
the warmth, the chill, 
the softness of sensitivity.
Pay attention to the intricacies
in the landscapes 
and the leaves 
and the shadows cast by sunbeams.
Imagine the joy to be found 
in loving and living the simple magic
that constantly adorns our world.

(all of the beauty around you is within you)

The story behind our name?

"Très" [pronounced t ʁ ɛ ] means "very" in french.

The word "Nagual" [pronounced nah-gwahl, -wahl ] comes from a lineage of ancient wisdom which moved through the first peoples of North & South America. From this cosmology, an inner diamond was drawn, which illustrates the different worlds we inhabit. The world of material objects (tonal) and the non-material world (nagual).

"Nagual" points to an understanding that all things arise from the mystery. A meta-physical realm. The unseen.

Since Florian was born in Morocco, french words stuck to him like a love-song. David was in training with this lineage of teachings, and we wanted to move with a name which honours the feminine which all things arise from. Hence, "very unseen" or "very mysterious" would be a loose translation.

natural perfume

We celebrate life by creating new worlds of meaning and possibility. Our intention is to nurture pathways of wholeness, balance & regeneration. 

how do we operate?

We listen to the song of life.
From deep within our inner-worlds
nature speaks,
dreams emerge,

a subtle whisper
of intuition
guiding us
through cycles of creation.

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Lalaphanzi Farm
Plateau Road
Cape Point, South Africa

Closed for our winter break till 20 September

106 Upper Maynard St, Vredehoek, Cape Town, South Africa
Open: Tues - Sat / 10AM - 5PM

Reach out for any queries.
+27 62 470 8760  

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