Sustainability Insight

Très Nagual is a place of alchemical expression. We operate in a way that celebrates  intuition, connection and a deep receptivity for nature's song. In this, our process of creation is unique and ever-changing. We work with cyclical awareness, following natural rhythms, and value every aspect of this process, from sourcing to formulation, designing, packaging and everything in-between. We believe in transparency and are always seeking ways to deepen our relationship with our branding’s integrity. 


Sourcing, harvesting and production 

We integrate ancient wisdom in our choices of the plants and oils that compose our botanical bars, fragrances, healing balms and oils. With the exception of organic beeswax, all of our products are handcrafted and completely plant-based; our formulations contain no parabens, preservatives and synthetic additives and are not tested on animals. In our production process, we avoid the use of plastics and non-recyclable packaging as much as possible. All of our waste is recycled. Any of our ingredients that can be found locally are sourced locally, either from sustainable community harvests or directly by us from our treasured farmer cooperatives in Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa. We support projects that uplift local, under-resourced communities by creating employment and honouring traditional methods of harvesting. We diligently analyse data sheets from the sources of ingredients that may come from abroad to verify their natural, organic origin. With great joy, we tend to our abundant back-garden and surroundings, sustainably cultivating, harvesting, foraging and returning back to the Earth for our small-scale production needs. . We have a close relationship with a cooperative of local farmers who sustainably and organically produce steam distilled indigenous oils. We visit these farms, participating in distillation at any chance we get. Sustainability is of utmost importance to us; we move and create in a way that seeks to respect, celebrate and share the offerings and beauty of our precious Earth. 


Working with cyclical nature and honouring relations

A strong foundation of our work calls for being attuned to the rhythms and cycles of creation manifesting both internally and externally. We seek to embody dynamism, a state of being which allows room for spaciousness and energies that are wonderfully alive and fluid. In this, we work alongside nature’s cycles, including that of the lunar cycle, the seasons, and our individual rhythms. We value the practice of listening to the needs of the Earth and our bodies, returning back to a way that is rooted in wholeness. We also honour our relations: those that we share with each other, nature, other species and all life-forms. We recognise that our choices and influences impact the collective, and so we aim to co-exist in a way that is sustainable, intentional and conscious. 



Creative process & energetic attunement

Our creative process begins with a practice of mindfulness and tuning into our intuitive callings; from this place of awareness we connect with nature, the botanical and mineral wealth that it provides. We allow our creative curiosity to take over, playing with different pairings of raw materials which compose the base of each product. When we feel a match, the alchemical process continues, until a point of completion is reached. Each creation is seen and valued as a unique expression of existence and art, and as a means to celebrate the beauty way. We believe in living in harmony with the natural world. Our intention is to illuminate previously unseen pathways for wellbeing, expression and restoration. Our products are genderless and are not restricted to a specific use. To us, sustainability goes beyond our craft: it is found in the way we hold our spaces and sustain ourselves while in Très Nagual processes.


Our approach is rooted in dancing with the constant unfolding of nature. Listening to divine intelligence. Our future goal is to bring regenerative practices of agriculture into a small-scale farming operation, where we can cultivate small-batches of artisan essential oils. Everything we do and make is an offering of love and an invitation to find a joyous point of resonance and wholeness. Internal and external sustainability is key, and we are proud to honour that more deeply with every movement.