What is the story behind your name?

"Très" [pronounced /tʁɛ/ ] means "very" in french.

The word "Nagual" [pronounced nah-gwahl ] comes from a lineage of ancient wisdom which moved through the first peoples of North & South America. From this cosmology, an inner diamond was drawn, which illustrates the different worlds we inhabit. The world of material objects (tonal) and the non-material world (nagual).

"Nagual" points to an understanding that all things arise from the mystery. A meta-physical realm. The unseen.

Quantum physics illustrates this with xxxx

Since Florian was born in Morocco, french words stuck to him like a love-song. David was in training with this lineage of teachings, and we wanted to move with a name which honours the feminine which all things arise from. Hence, "very unseen" or "very mysterious" would be a loose translation.