100% Pure Baobab seed oil - tresnagual

100% Pure Baobab seed oil

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What is it?
Baobab oil comes from the baobab tree which blooms once a year, often at night, holds a paramount place in African Savanna communities. Baobab oil has been used by women since ancient times to protect and soften skin and hair. The tree typically lives for about 500 years, but it is believed that some trees are up to 5,000 years old. It's white flowers emit an eerie smell, which attracts pollinating insects such as moths, flies, and ants. The oil itself possesses a light, nutty, almost floral scent.

How can I use it?
Baobab oil nourishes & heals damaged skin. You can use as a daily moisturiser by massaging into skin after showering. See this as a mindfulness practice where you consciously spread loving energy from your heart-space. It can also be used to prevent stretch marks & reduce their appearance because of its ability to stimulate collagen and preserve skin elasticity.

What is cold pressed oil?
The kernels from the fruits created by the Baobab tree are very tough, and hard to crack. To make sure that it’s harvested ethically, the Baobab fruit pulp is separated from the seeds, which are washed thoroughly by hand. They are then laid out to dry naturally in the sun, and then pressed to produce the gold oil. The cold press process retains all of the flavour, aroma, and nutritional value of the oil. The valuable antioxidants and nutrients are preserved.

How does it heal?
This enriching oil nourishes and improves skin elasticity and soothes dry skin. Baobab oil contains moisturizing Vitamins A, D, E and F, which helps to rejuvenate damaged skin cells. Also rich in omega fatty acids, baobab oil does anti-aging wonders for skin by treating inflammatory skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis.