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Musk malva, rose, vanilla and amber resin: all notes that complete this scent after 18 months in careful formulation. Amber resin is a precious fossilised tree resin that is known as ‘alchemical gold’, a name given to it due to the richness of its colour. It appears in many orange shades with some pieces containing gold-like flecks that glow against the light. A tincture of various resins lie at the heart of Ambaer, each offering a unique layer of depth with the amber resin being the signature scent. For this fragrance, pieces of Madagascan amber were dissolved and liquified.

The musk malva and rose notes, bridged by the complexity of the resin, make for a scent profile that possesses aspects of both femininity and masculinity. A balance between contrasting energies, a realm of warmth and passionate presence. Ambaer presents herself before us with an unmatched depth. Spicy, intriguing, golden - alchemised and crafted with sunlight bursting from within.

In your hands / on your skin / is a golden evening / molten and bottled / created through a process / that “propels and animates” / the senses / into a realm / where you are whole / and your heart is cradled / in the captivating hues / of orange warmth.

This is Ambaer: / her intensity invites you only / to inhale and venture / deeper / deeper still / let your fingertips touch / the flaming core / there, you have found it / there lies / the Earthly essence of it all.


Notes - rose absolute. musk malva. black spruce.

Feeling tone - deep. sexy. playful.