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A fragrance of embodiment, each layer revealing soft notes of sweet jasmine and artemisia, subtly wrapped in the citrus aroma of bergamot. Smooth, seductive and possessing an atmosphere of quiet enchantment, this fragrance holds the energy of Arthemis, goddess of the moon and the hunt. An alchemised capture of feminine power, enhanced by Arthemis’ affinity to the natural world and animal spirits. A midnight scent, promising enchantment. 


Bright glow of the stag’s heart, 
White flowers opening their petals 
Under the breath of pale moonlight;

The shape of a woman emerging from a pool 
Of emerald green satin;
A vision of the huntress:
Alluring power of the night 
Encompassing the bewitching feminine.
Intoxicating soul of the 


Notes: Artemisia- bluegrass - bergamot - jasmine