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Esprit de Parfum
15ml / 0,5 fl. oz.


Elisabeth weaves together a combination of fragrance that is soothing, feminine and floral while being sophisticated and iconic. Powerful upon first encounter, Elisabeth softens on the skin, eventually reaching a point of delicate sweetness that feels like revisiting a place of deep comfort and warmth. Using careful alchemy over months of formulation, the shade of blue that Elisabeth holds is nothing short of recherché, especially considering it is evoked through natural means. This scent intrigues from the beginning and leaves a lasting impression on those who are patient with its unfolding.


Notes: african chamomile. anise. rose absolute
Feeling tone: contemporary. antiquity. victorian.


It is said
that the sky is blue
because of her.
She of Victorian enthrallment
and white petals cascading the folds
of the mind.
The touch of
the softest moments
upon receptive skin.
A fuzzy glow of white light
from within.
wrapping you
in the smooth
blue silks
of a memory that holds