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Eau de Cologne
50ml / 1,6fl. oz.
Described as fresh, light and ethereal, this fragrance is a homage to St. Hildegard, a German polymath, writer, mystic, visionary and medical practitioner. She is one of the best-known composers of sacred monophony and is also considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany. Working closely with the botanical world, Hildegard of Bingen conceptualised the word viriditas: translated as “greeness”, it explores and titles the Divine life-force that infuses nature with the ability to grow and stay alive; it also puts a name to the intrinsic power of healing and growth within humans. Being a metaphor for deep spiritual and physical wellness, viriditas is awakened through this scent that carries seamless layers of golden, green delight, lingering in the senses and stimulating a feeling of nostalgia in the mind. Both unusual and soft, its citrus hues bring vitality to our inner gardens and attention to the life-force flowing through our worlds. 
The sensational 
of fingertips 
brushing through 
                            a mystic’s garden.
Barefoot lightness of being 
touched by 
                            soft sunbeams 
stilling time.

A quiet breeze sending 
                             iridescent radiance
across fields of tall grass. 

The Spirit 
in peak season,  
                            most vibrant, 
                            most green, 
twirling and merging
with the streamlined motions 
of viriditas – 
through all that is 
all that is 
Notes: buchu. sativa. frankincense.