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Ìdris, translated to ‘ardent lord’, is an incredibly layered, fougère style fragrance with spicy green undertones and white floral top notes. Ìdris’s powerful entrance settles to become beautifully soft, bound to leave a moreish imprint on the senses. Notes of rosewood, caraway and white fir, offer a vision of grounding warmth while the addition of precious jasmine and frangipani absolutes extend the feeling of finding delight and peace in the present moment. Ìdris dances, most ardently, between the nostalgia of beauty that once was and the tenderness of beauty currently unfolding.

The golden heart of a garden 
In midday shade;
Dappled sunshine, 
A pond with lotus flowers resting 
On still waters 

               The tender memories 
               Of lovers who parted 
               In softness 
               Dozing on dragonflies backs 

                             The scent of Here and Now; 
                             Possibilities and presence;
                             Eyes illuminated by sharp rays 
                             Of light

                                        The moments 
                                        Where time pauses -
                                        Something deeper 
                                        And shakes 
                                        The roots of being alive 

                                                    The feeling of being so open,
                                                    So gentle in your loving of the world,
                                                    That from within you bursts 

Notes: frangipani. galbanum. green cypress