Kå, attar

Kå, attar

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Introducing - Kå our first Attar

Ancient Egyptian cosmology viewed ‘Kå’ as a voice inside of us. Considered to be a double, or another version of the self used for guidance and inspiration. A mysterious concept, to reach for inherent guidance and shift perspective.

This perfume oil can be used as an anointment for the inner-aspect of Kå.


There is something 
Deep and life-giving here. 
A warm, golden and green pulse
That moves like a shadow, 
Always there, 
Always mysterious in its 
It opens and channels,
To the gods 
To the core 
To the essence of being.
It stretches and propels
Above and beyond 
It is intangible and powerful, 
And found wherever there is 

Notes: black pepper. patchouli. sandalwood.