Kå, esprit de Parfum
Kå, esprit de Parfum
Kå, esprit de Parfum
Kå, esprit de Parfum

Kå, esprit de Parfum

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In Ancient Egyptian mythology and beliefs, ‘Ka’ is considered a major part of every person. It is a vital, intangible essence that connects to the emotional and spiritual bodies, and each individual’s overall vibrancy towards life. It is a force of creativity and inner power. Sometimes represented as a ‘spiritual double’ residing within each person - a sort of shadow - the meaning of Ka is incredibly complex and interlinks with many aspects of Ancient Egyptian theories. 

Ka is the core and source of much of what the Egyptians considered desirable, particularly eternal life. It was believed that after death Ka would continue living separately from the body. It can be summarised and defined as the Soul, though the symbolism of Ka appears to go much deeper than this. 

This perfume captures the mystery and feeling of Ka: a warm, ancient tapestry of scent - mainly that of patchouli and sandalwood - held in its depth by the spice of black pepper and clove bud. A fragrance that bridges vision, connection and truth into this sacred mythology. 

There is something
Deep and life-giving here.
A warm, golden and green pulse
That moves like a shadow,
Always there,
Always mysterious in its
It opens and channels,
To the gods
To the core
To the essence of being.
It stretches and propels
Above and beyond
It is intangible and powerful,
And found wherever there is

Notes - black pepper. west-Indian sandalwood. sweet patchouli.

Feeling tone - activating. sacred resonance. ancient.