M Ý R A - tresnagual


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Myra, the mother of fragrance.

Sweet myrrh, damascene rose and nostalgic patchouli with middle and base notes of rosemary leaf and vetiver root make for a scent of dry warmth, depth and nectar-like sweetness. A profile with layers of complexity that are revealed upon contact with skin.

Sophisticated and seductive, this scent offers both musky and woody notes while also holding a light freshness in the floral tones. Myra has a quiet demand to be recognised and bowed before. She ignites the spark of inherent power and courage that blazes from within you. This scent is an invitation to go forth knowing that you are a creature of primordial magnificence.


Gold dust
Against dry desert air;
A warm heart
Adorned by the breath
Of flaming reds,
Elevated by
Timeless beauty;
The mother
The holder
The vision.
Keeper of
The core.


Notes - guaïac. myrrh. patchouli.