Maitreÿa, attar
Maitreya, Huile de Parfum - tresnagual
Maitreÿa, attar
Maitreÿa, attar

Maitreÿa, attar

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Maitreya. Maitreya. Maitreya. The syllables fall off of your tongue; you are chanting something sacred. Inhale and you meet a scent that encompasses the birth of a new era.

Maitreya holds a unique freshness while carrying earthy, woody tones. She offers us a sense of awe and awakening, unfolding upon being received openly.

A scent of many visions, Maitreya is a formulation of fluidity; she is a flowing river on a mountain, a forest bursting with life after rainfall, sunlight filtering through green trees, bare feet upon damp soil, a fragrance of the past, a fragrance of the future. Quiet yet powerful, she dances between being seen and unseen - a moment, a lifetime, a void.

Essence of the Earth, Maitreya shifts in the mind and enlivens the senses, extending the invitation into horizonless worlds.

Tread lightly and allow your spirit to unfurl into new life.

Notes: Blue Mountain Sage. Labdanum. Patchouli.

Feeling tone: earthly. grounding. clear mountains.