Miel de Rabat
Miel de Rabat

Miel de Rabat

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The honey of Rabat
Huile de Parfum
5ml / 0,1fl. oz.

Miel de Rabat is the scent of the Sun. A memorable, golden fragrance, rich with sensations. Along a dry chalk washed wall - warmed by the desert sun - a row of flowering bitter orange trees.

Handful offerings of sweet basil, Moroccan mint and distant yellow immortelle flowers.

A call to prayer sounds, as doves takes flight above the minaret.



A citrus peel torn,
A white flower spun
Between fingertips /
Hazel eyes caught in a sunbeam /
Visions of orange hues
And cobalt blue fabric
Held up against light /
The prayer of
Oneself with the lucid pleasure
Of this waking dream /
A remembrance
Of joy /
Life held as a treasure
In two open palms /
The gesture of offering
Something to be shared /
A pot of honey
Passed between friends

Notes: bitter orange. Immortelle. Jasmine.