Moringa Day Serum

Moringa Day Serum

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Known as one of nature’s miracle trees, native to south asia it crossed the seas and has for many centuries been cultivated along the coast and islands off east africa. The winged seeds that lie inside a long pulse like fruit, that bursts open when dry, provide some of the most nutrient dense natural oil in the world.

The incredible benefits of moringa oil include its ability to reduce oxidative stress, eliminate inflammation, moisturize and regulate skin pH. It also helps detoxify the body, slowdown skin aging, speed healing and fight dandruff.

Meet our nourishing day serum, formulated with a balance of floral + herbaceous notes. Awakening, invigoration for clear movement through the world.


Apply intuitively where needed. Add a few drops to palms. Bring them together Massage in gentle circular motion into cleansed & exfoliated skin. Feel the beauty you are. Embodying balance from head to toe.


Notes - resurrection bush. african immortelle. wild rosemary.

Feeing tone - energising. eternal. uplifting.