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Nefertum, God of perfume, was born from the bud of the Blue Lotus flower which emerged from the waters of Nun at the beginning of creation. Rooted in ancient Egyptian mythology, Nefertum rose to life at the break of each sunrise and died again with every sunset; this cycle of rebirth frames Ma’at, the embodiment of harmony and order amidst chaos. Depicted as the archetypal aromatherapist, he is also said to be the personification of the most beautiful scent. Nefertum is closely associated with the Blue Lotus, a sacred plant used as a natural aphrodisiac and a narcotic which aids with sleep and calming. The lotus is electric in its beauty and fragrance. It was significant in Egyptian culture for both its medicinal properties and its connotations with rebirth and Nefertum. 


This perfume embodies violet passion. Intoxicating, intense and powerful with the invitation to surrender to the beauty of the Blue Lotus and the way of Nefertum: being reborn at the break of each dawn in perfect balance and captivating radiance.


Notes - lime. amyris. blue lotus.

Feeling tone - opening. flowering. love.