Savon à Barbe
Savon à Barbe

Savon à Barbe

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Our take on a classically clean, distinct cologne, Savon à Barbe translates directly as ‘beard soap’; it is light in its impression and strong with how it wears. An addition of tea tree makes Savon a scent that awakens a sense of clarity and vitality, while bergamot - a known classic - adds a layer of subtle, sweet citrus aroma. Notes of cedarwood and sandalwood create earthy depth in this composition, fine-tuning the fresh base with soft expressions of their woody, musky and grounding aromas. It is a fragrance that brings a light accentuation to the beauty of the masculine's energetic form. 

It is a new day 
and there is morning light 
streaming through 
open curtains. 
An easy, crisp breeze greets the body 
as bare feet tread along 
a white sand beach.
The air itself is pale blue -
it holds the same atmosphere as the ocean
and tastes like the sea. 
Sketched from the stars
with fresh imbues of clarity,
the tapestry of time 
stretches out across the horizon. 
There is peace in the mind 
as possibility dances within the Spirit.


Notes: Bergamot. Tea Tree. Cedarwood.