White Lotus at Retreat Yourself 2023

The White Lotus, a collaborative pop-up space of connection and consciousness, held by a collective of alchemists, bloomed again at Retreat Yourself last week. Dappled sunshine adorned the walls of the Lotus tent which became a warm, expansive haven for all, and the forest’s lively spirit intoxicated us with undeniable joy. The White Lotus offered various treasures, all crafted with the deepest intentionality, and an experience of tender magic for those who wished to soften and open their hearts. Its white petals unfurled into a home-nest for friends and strangers alike. There, golden fuzzy warmth burst from within us as we shared songs, food, laughter, stories. There, the intimacy of total presence flooded us with love. There, the scent, texture and shine of awe radiated from us and weaved its way throughout the festival grounds. The enchantment of the Lotus was tangible. When it was time, we rejoiced in the beauty of this opening and gently brought it all down, leaving no trace. It was an immersion of transformational magnificence.  

The White Lotus rests, 

Until the next bloom. 

To the Lotus, 

Thank you. 




Have been kissed 

By your reminder 

Of wholeness.